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Top Tips For Optimizing Video Content

Could video take your brand to the next level? Video content brings in 3 times as many monthly visitors to a website as other content, and users spend an average of 88% more time on a website that includes video. Furthermore, research by Entrepreneur.com shows that...


Top Tips For Experiential Marketing: Boosting Your Bottom Line

While a traditional approach to marketing can reach a large audience and generate buzz, you may be misplacing your resources. Experiential marketing allows the consumer to interact with and access your brand in new ways which can create a stronger bond between the audience and the product....


INC’s 50 Best Workplaces

Building a workplace that maintains staff productivity and efficiency is critical, and the happiness of our employees at REP Interactive is our prime goal. Working in an environment that lacks moral, creativity and team spirit can take the pleasure out of work.  Quantum Workplace, experts in...


Ridiculously Awesome Interactive Ads

Could you use an inspiration boost? These interactive marketing campaigns will do the trick. The following companies not only engage but also wow consumers with creative, unique, and fully-interactive campaigns. Check out the selection of videos we have prepared for you to get a clear idea...


How You Can Build the Best Brand

The following are some useful tips make your brand stand out against the pack and deliver to your customers exactly what they want: 1) Your Brand Is What People Say It Is: Customer-product loyalty is not always defined or determined by the quality of a product. A...


REP Interactive’s Top 10 Awesome Videos for January

From hilarious to bizarre, here is REP Interactive’s selection of the Top 10 Videos for September. Pacific Rim VFX BTS Film buffs rejoice in this amazing VFX Behind The Scenes look from the film “Pacific Rim.” The Duel: Timo Boll vs KUKA Robot Is this real? No… But bonus...