15 Tips on How to Market Happiness


In our formative years, we look both consciously and subconsciously to our parents or guardians to impart the wisdom and truths of how one effectively and successfully lives his or her life. Yet as we grow older, and our experiences and relationships shape us and lay the foundation for who we are psychologically, physically and emotionally, we realize that not every lesson or sentiment can be applied to every single person. However, the following 15 HELPFUL TRUTHS can be molded and modified for marketers to engage audiences by making them happy.

1) Happiness is an After Effect of Self-Love and Acceptance:

Confidence and acceptance of who we are and where we are in life, and acknowledging that goals and life in general are a work-in-progress, true happiness can be obtained.

2) Lift the Veil of Judgement:

By judging someone without truly taking the time to get to know him or her, we are condemning ourselves to have negative thoughts towards someone who may be wholly undeserving. Remember: when we meet someone new, they’re innocent until proven guilty.

3) Be Grateful For Your Surroundings:

Though it’s natural to desire or need more, those who appreciate their current nouns and state of being will be in a happier place. Where we can be is great, but where we are now is great too.

4) Reputation Disregarded:

What others think or presume of us is of no concern to us, because it is completely out of our control. Therefore, we must walk our path without the burden of what others will think of our stride.

5) Limitations Are Only Imposed by Us:

There is no limit to what we can achieve for ourselves. The height of the ceiling of our personal success is determined by how how high we make it, so we must always aim to surpass our ceilings and even the sky above it.

6) Compassion For Compassion Makes the World Happy:

Happiness and laughter can be as catchy as a pop song on the radio. Genuinely caring for others and their well-being is good for the soul, and incites general positive energy. Don’t be afraid to wear your compassion.

7) Look to Tomorrow but Live in the Moment:

Time waits for no man, time waits for no woman. Appreciate the moments you have now, because they only happen once before they’re gone forever to make way for new moments. Enjoy those, but anticipate tomorrow and how your decisions now effect it.

8) Contribute to the Communal Wealth of Knowledge:

Share your unique skills and facets of wisdom with the world. If it will inspire and uplift even one individual, you’ve done something remarkable.

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9) Love People, Use Things:

Though it may not feel that way sometimes, the people in our lives, either close or periphery, are what we must spend time cherishing the most. Items can be fixed or replaced once they’re broken, but once a person leaves they’re gone forever.

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10) Big Money Does Not Mean Big Happiness:

The accumulation of large sums of money is not worth its amount in personal happiness and satisfaction. A big bank account can be a great achievement or tool to do great things, but is not a measurement of real worth. Love what you do, even if it’s for less compensation.

11) Don’t Just Work Hard, Work Intelligently:

The harder we work at something, anything, does not necessarily mean we’ll be better, faster or stronger with it. The man or woman who utilizes his or her skills most intelligently will be the greatest benefactor.

12) You May Know, You May Just Not Know Now:

Sometimes, our biggest obstacles or our greatest unknowns are only discovered or overcome over time and experience. Sometimes, a solution requires time to pass to come to fruition. The problem of today can be stored away over time, and brought back out at a time of clarity.

More Things We Wish We Knew Back Then

13) We Attract Our Focus:

Instead of worrying about what is wrong with something and having our opinion heard on the matter, we can channel our focus into building or creating something that proves our opinion. Express your focus without disrupting someone else’s.

14) Our Beliefs Are Not Ubiquitous:

We may think and believe one way or the other, but we must remember that our state of belief may not be representative of how others think or feel. We must respect these differences, and use these conflicting opinions to question the validity of our own.

15) You’re Your Own Competition, You’re The Model With Whom To Compare Yourself:

Comparing and contrasting with others is unhealthy and toxic. By doing so, we set ourselves up to strive towards standards created by others, customized and tailored to fit their lives and capabilities. Instead of competing with someone else, we must compete with ourselves, pushing to outperform our past selves to build a more succinct us for today and tomorrow.

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