360 Degree Video


Why 360 Degree Video Gives Us A Fresh Perspective
With 75% of millennials ages 18-29 and 46% Gen Y ages 29-49 watching video on their smartphones or tablets, it is no wonder that mobile video has become the next frontier for innovation. A common theme of new technology is complete user immersion. One aspect that has us interacting with our smartphones in a brand new way is 360-degree video. From interactive featurettes for Zoolander 2 to glimpses into New York life with Here and Now, interactive video began on Facebook earlier this year and quickly spread to Youtube. Support for the new platform has been close to universal and audiences love tilting and tipping their smartphones to gain a new perspective.

Powered by your smartphone’s accelerometer, 360-degree video allows you to look up, down and all around seamlessly while the video plays. This is achieved by shooting the video with a special camera that stitches anywhere from 2-12 wide angle shots to achieve a truly remarkable seamless experience for the viewer. While the accelerometer allows mobile viewers to adjust their position and change their viewing angle, desktop or laptop viewers can use a small controller present in the frame to experience it.

Initially, this technology was only accessible to industry professionals, however, camera manufacturer’s are now bringing out consumer models such as the Ricoh Theta which retails for $192.00 USD on Amazon and the Bublcam which retails for $799.00 USD. These new consumer models are what will drive content production.

While advertisers are generally worried about the effectiveness of new technologies, Nestle and Disney have been among the early adopters and people have loved how they have been able to integrate their brand into a new technology. Nestle gave us a glimpse of breakfast around the world, whilst Disney released a snippet of the construction site at Disneyland in preparation for the new Star Wars-themed land. These are examples of how 360-degree video can bring a sense of fun and innovation to your brand.

With these new opportunities to market your company as a leader in the tech industry, it makes sense to invest in a new extension of a proven marketing tactic.


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