Top 5 Ads of May


A successful video campaign can reinvigorate a brand and showcase a new, sleeker side of the company. This spring,we saw these five new video spots that made us laugh, think and want to share them with our coworkers and friends.

1. “Dream Home. Find Home. Own Home.”
This campaign shows homeowners dreaming up what their next bathroom, closet or backyard will look like when Elizabeth Banks appears and tells them right where to find it- These zany 30-second spots feature plenty of elements to keep it fun and light, while clearly getting to the point. See below:

2. “Share a Coke and A Song- Dance” Coca-Cola
We love how Coca-Cola has brought us right back to our teenage years with this 30-second ad. Playing on our emotions, they have taken relatable experiences and turned them into a powerful selling tool. Check it out and see for yourself:

3. “Champagne Calls” Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Featuring Lil Wayne, this spot taps into the rap superstar in all of us. Showcasing the water-resistant technology of the new S7 Edge, the spot shows how waterproof technology comes in handy for a wider variety of people than just outdoorsmen and construction workers. See how they took a rather elementary concept and injected it with new life below:

4. “Paul Switched” Sprint
We love watching a good rivalry, and with mobile carriers constantly trying to one up each other- everyone becomes a pawn. The latest battle in the great mobile war centers around spokesperson Paul Marcarelli. In new ads touting how Sprint can save you up to 50% off of your monthly wireless bill, Paul explains why Sprint has captured his business. While it certainly can seem uncouth to steal another company’s signature spokesperson, it definitely captured our attention.

5. “Lion” Amazon Japan
While online retailers often miss the mark, Amazon decided to take a personal approach which resonates consumers and features the old marketing tropes of using babies and dogs. Spoiler alert- it’s all too effective. This ad shows how Amazon can help make everyone’s day a little brighter and is sure to put a smile on your face.


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