The Best Commercials This August


Winning Summer Spots

While we were all trying to beat the summer heat, advertisers were busy stepping up their game and showing us the best ways to spend these hot, sunny August days. Here are five of our favorite ads that showed us how fun the summer can be.


  1. “Energy Within” British Petroleum (BP)

With Rio only days away, our nation’s athletes and their amazing stories are at the forefront of our minds. BP wanted to bring us the story of Jessica Ennis-Hill, a heptathlon champion and mother, as she trains for the upcoming Olympics. We loved the strong narrative from a brand who usually sticks to the basics.–mother/48311


  1. “Alarm” Corona

In this breezy spot, Corona Extra takes us to a magical summer day that exists only in our daydreams. With a subtle filtered look and plenty of shots of the polarized sun, it’s a summer fantasy that had all of us wishing we had a cold beer in hand.

  1. “Test Drive Canada” Air Canada

In these tongue-in-check ads for the airline, Air Canada demonstrates how to go about exploring the Great North if you are considering relocating there. With a wink and a smile, they showed us how to capitalize on a cultural occurrence and turn it into new business. The accompanying Twitter campaign featuring celebrity tweets only gave us more of a reason to practice our French, eh?

  1. “Smoooth. (The Fish)” Klarna

While we found ourselves a little confused by this at first, we soon realized that Klarna had struck gold in their partnership with DDB Stockholm by creating these zany but memorable spots. They do relate to the product at hand, an online payment tool, but definitely take a different path from most traditional advertising.


  1. “Iron Nun” Nike

No advertisement during the Rio olympics has garnered more attention than this Nike ad featuring Madonna Buder, an 86 year old nun who has competed in over 45 ironman races and continues to swim, run and bike her way into record books. She also shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, which fits Nike’s slogan of “Unlimited Youth” quite well. During this inspirational one minute ad, we could not help but cheer her on.



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