Building A Winning Team: Recruiting Tips for Small Companies


Recruiting the best talent for your agency or start-up can be daunting, but by utilizing all your resources you can compete with bigger companies by showing off the unique aspects of your company. We spoke to one of our own, Wade Kegley, a Brand Manager at REP Interactive, about what makes for a strong candidate and what smaller start-ups have to offer.

Wade emphasized that the best way to garner a pool of candidates for junior-level positions was to establish a strong relationship with local colleges and universities. Most schools have their own job search website or blog, and therefore recent graduates will see your post. These motivated job-seekers are educated and are looking to prove themselves in the “real world”. Provided you can aptly showcase the benefits of the position, these posts will bring in talented and motivated candidates.

Another proven way of recruiting new talent is by soliciting referrals. Even with a small workforce, getting the word out around the office about an open position can bring in great candidates. Using freelance employees for a short period of time could be beneficial for your company, and it can give them a chance to showcase their skills within the office.

Once you have garnered a strong pool of candidates, it is important to pay close attention to each candidate’s reactions when you explain the culture and drive behind the company’s work. Make sure they are asking the right questions and are really grasping how the company functions most effectively.

Candidates who are looking to work at smaller companies must be multitalented, motivated individuals who are looking for an opportunity to engage and contribute to company culture. When asked about his personal experience with our own company culture Wade replied, “I started as an intern working three days a week and know that I have the potential to one day be a high-ranking executive at REP Interactive and that is something that I want to let our newer employees know… I was just where you are now.” Since his start at REP three years ago, Wade has experienced how the positive company culture helps reduce turnover and how hands-on it can be when working at a smaller company in comparison to a larger production company or national ad agency.

This being considered, a larger company may be ideal for candidates who are seeking a very specific and regimented position. These are factors to consider when both recruiting and applying for jobs in communications. The market includes companies of all sizes and informing the applicants of the company’s expectations is an important component of employee retention.

In the end, garnering a qualified candidate pool, interviewing with your company’s best interests in mind and showing the potential candidate the strengths of working for a smaller company will be what attracts the best workforce. Building a team can be a daunting task, but by giving it your full attention and planning on investing in the new addition to your workforce, you will be sure to establish yourself as an instrumental part of your company’s success.


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