Creating Community With Instagram


How Instagram Is Creating A Community Of Their Own:


Gone are the days when Instagram Influencers were only sought after by tea detox and facial scrub companies. Recently, larger companies have been learning from the success of these boutique companies and have begun to capitalize on this new advertising medium, and they’re getting big results, too.

Take Coca-Cola for instance, and their most recent campaign with celebrity icon Selena Gomez. At 92 Million followers, and every post garnering over 1 million likes, at a minimum, Coca-Cola had the right idea going to Gomez for an endorsement deal.

However, the numbers show that it’s a very mutually beneficial relationship. AdWeek has calculated that with every post, the singer takes $550,000 to the bank. And at 5 million likes and 173,000 comments on a recent post, you bet they’re happy with their purchase. However, there’s a strategy behind acquiring that much from a single post. Gomez clearly does not rely on her social media accounts for financial stability, she has her fingers in a lot of different pies, but she is strategic with her feed. She has a good amount of content in between product endorsements, and she mainly sticks to Coca-cola and Pantene placements. It’s this abstinence from endorsement spam that make her posts all the more powerful and all the more expensive.


Other celebrities like Kendall Jenner are rumoured to make $300,000 per post, but the model has neither the following nor the self-curated content that Gomez has.

In short, it’s safe to say that your business, whether big or small, can benefit from utilizing influencers on Instagram to spike sales. Companies such as InstaBrand specialize in connecting notable figures on the platform with businesses that need a specific type of subtle representation. At the engagement rates Selena is producing, Instagram is looking to only grow in value, as if that is even possible.


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