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Building a workplace that maintains staff productivity and efficiency is critical, and the happiness of our employees at REP Interactive is our prime goal. Working in an environment that lacks moral, creativity and team spirit can take the pleasure out of work.

Quantum Workplace, experts in employee engagement and culture are aware of the pressures that come with the rapid growth of a company, and so along with Inc., they have produced a list of 50 Best Workplaces.

After auditing over 500 companies, REP Interactive were scored into the top 50 Best Workplaces based on three key areas:

  1. Staff financial security including retirement, insurance, and other financial benefits, as well as ways to increase employment satisfaction. This can include unlimited and flexible vacation time.
  2. Employee feedback – these companies go to great lengths to capture, understand and act upon insights from their staff.
  3. Companies that go the extra mile to ensure their employee’s performance is recognized.

At REP Interactive, we like to set and track goals. We believe that working in a positive environment not only inspires creativity, but also improves work ethic and raises production value and morale within our team.

We have a lot of fun with our clients and love to show people our team morale and personality. Take a look at some of our team photos on set:
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Every month we dedicate two hours of our workday to take part in a team building exercise. Typically we choose to do an activity that stimulates participation, creative input, and without a doubt, creates a lot of fun.

Why is team building important? At REP, we found that activities, which create discussion, allow employees to openly communicate, which therefore improves office relationships and the quality of the work that is completed. There are many benefits to team building days, or what we like to call ‘REP days’.

  1. Taking your team out of an office environment every so often forces them to think outside the box. Working together can ignite creativity, which are qualities that can be used back at the office.
  2. They can create positive memories. Staff members who don’t necessarily interact at work are given the opportunity to work together and build positive relationships.
  3. In any working environment, it is always beneficial to develop problem-solving skills. When forced into a situation where a problem arises, team-building activities will allow members to improve their ability to think rationally and strategically.

A few examples of our team activities include laser tag, bowling and a trip to the ‘Paniq Room’ in Hollywood. The Paniq Room was a great way to really get to know your team and work out what makes them tick. In a nutshell, team building activities like these help build a better workplace environment, create stronger relationships, and increases employee productivity.

To be inspired, take a look at the roster of 50 Best workplaces here


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