The Future of Instagram: How Marketers Can Make It Count


With the introduction of new algorithms and even more formats for content, it is no wonder that Instagram has also rolled out new tools to woo small businesses into investing in what was not long ago seen as risky tech start-up. Now with over 300 million users, it has captured the attention of more than just millennials. Companies on the social media platform spoke, and Instagram answered.

According to Instagram’s business blog, companies now have the option to turn well-performing posts into ads which they can monitor through Instagrams insights. In addition, businesses will now have their own specialized profiles that include a new contact button, with the capability to share an email address, phone number and geographical location on the home page. This will not only help consumers connect with small businesses, but also streamline cross-platform engagement.

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With these new updates, growing a business on Instagram comes one step closer to resembling it’s older, more developed tech sibling Facebook. Much of the advancement from a business savvy perspective comes in the form of Insights. Complete with demographics, behavior patterns of users and suggested target audiences, companies can now make the most out of their budget and promoted content. Think of Insights as your personal Instagram analytics analyst. With these improvements, businesses will be able to reach more of their target market, and get in contact with them more seamlessly than before. We predict this will boost the number of businesses looking to advertise on Instagram by a huge margin.

By making it friendlier to business owners, Instagram has taken these next steps seriously as they continue to listen to consumers and work with advertisers driving their revenue and generating healthy bottom lines.


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