The Key to Successful Marketing


The Three C’s To An Effective Marketing Plan


How are you currently marketing your products or services? Do you have a hefty marketing budget? A large marketing staff? Or maybe a Creative Director who comes up with and approves great ideas which are guaranteed to propel your company into the black? Chances are, if you are a small to medium enterprise, you don’t have these luxuries. None the less, REP Interactive has been deploying the three C’s for all of our clients which as led to many successful marketing initiatives.




Creativity (Great ideas lead to more $)

Great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere at any time. The key is to harness this creativity and not let it slip through your fingers. Have a great idea in the shower? Write it down. A new spin on an old tactic which worked years ago? Write it down! Creative ideas can be big or small, short-term or long-term, custom-created for your business, and your industry. How do you get creative? That’s like asking what is beautiful? It’s always different in the eyes of the beholder. And sometimes, the real creative ones can’t bridge the gap between creativity and reality. This is where a company such as REP Interactive can help bridge the successful marketing gap. Instead of spinning your wheels, a professional video agency can shed some light on what is a good idea, a great idea and an idea that that won’t quite work in the real world.


Consistency (Create a plan and execute)

Goal tracking is one of the most important tools for a marketing strategist. By creating a plan/objective and working towards that goal every day, not only do you feel a greater sense of accomplishment when you achieve your goal, but you have a lesser chance of becoming distracted and detouring away from your main objective. Review your plan frequently to help focus on the tasks needed to achieve your goal. Show your customers that you “walk the talk” by giving them the quality they expect. After you have established a plan, stay consistent throughout the entirety of your campaign. This is the best way to get your marketing messaging to stick. Also, you will avoid customer confusion by maintaining the same messages throughout your campaign.


Connections (Your peeps)

How well connected are you to your target audience? It may seem like common sense, but knowing your target audience is a key step that many people fail to achieve. Who you are connected with – in real life, in your customer file, on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter truly defines your community. These are all the people who can help you build referrals, pass your story along and recommend your products and services. Marketing is building relationships. Your relationships today can bring new customers tomorrow. Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent spends 15 minutes a day connecting to friends, colleagues, and past clients to make sure he stays connected. Never underestimate the value of your network!


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