A Slack Review – How We Dominate Communication


A Slack Review: How we went from spending hundreds of inefficient hours emailing to streamlining our communication

We all hate them. They pop up when you are least expecting it and hold up our entire day for a few minutes, or even hours. Even if they contain important information, no one wants to wade through formalities to get to the point.

Whether you are giving directions or reporting back to a superior, an email can seem like a great idea. However, with the variety of tasks it can be used for, it can bog down their mood and their inbox. Keeping the conversation open and informal may actually be a better option for your team. If they feel like you are open to communication at all times, they can provide better feedback, ask questions and resolve issues faster and more efficiently. One great way to facilitate this communication is through a structured, fine-tuned messaging service.

While Slack may just seem like the IM of the ‘90s, these services carefully separate communication regarding different projects and teams into unique streams. They also allow the quick uploading and downloading of files. By sharing all this information and content in one continuous stream, it stays organized and accessible for team members who need to see it, and out of sight for those who do not.

Another popular desktop/mobile application is Basecamp 3. This application centralizes the schedule of the team and organizes the entire project into easy-to-manage lists. Another cool feature is the automatic check-ins. These are helpful because they report what people have been working on, what is on their mind and what they plan on working on next. By keeping the rest of the team in the know, this application can synergize communication and keep everyone on track.

A third option, while it may not in itself be a productivity tool, is installing the Google Now voice-activated extension to Google Apps. This extension can get you where you need to go in Google Drive, Google Docs, etc… faster just by telling Google Now.

By using these three apps, we are sure you can boost your productivity and start getting through more work with less time spent searching through old email chains.


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