Video For The Olympics 2016


How Olympic Video Has United The World

While everyone was watching the Rio Games and loving the vibrant atmosphere, a lot of effort went into the look and feel of the 2016 Olympics. One way they formed their unique Olympic brand is by producing videos that showcase the event for different audiences. Most notably through an animated cartoon series, athlete profiles and behind the scenes tours of the newest facilities…


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Video for Kids

Rio’s Olympic mascot is Vinicius, a fun loving mixture of native Brazilian animals and their Paralympic mascot is Tom, a fusion of all the plants in the rainforest. They have, in partnership with Cartoon Network Brasil, put together a fun series of animated episodes capturing their adventures as they introduce themselves and get more kids excited about the games.

Behind-the-Scenes Tour

The backstage tour videos highlight Rio’s new facilities and all the city has done to prepare for the games. It is also a nice gesture that they introduce some of the people who are instrumental in putting on the games, but not the athletes. The passion of these volunteers and officials comes through in gorgeously shot, short videos that showcase the true spirit of the Olympics.

Profiling the Stars

Finally, the Rio Olympics would be nothing without its main stars- the athletes! Short videos that help tell their story feature people to keep watching in Rio, such as Usain Bolt in the Men’s 200M final. They show just how excited they are to compete and bring home the gold in a city that many of them have never visited before. They speak on topics such as how this Olympics will be different and how they are looking forward to Brazil putting their own spin on the competition. As a bonus, they even created a music video to accompany Katy Perry’s new single “Rise” that features popular athletes doing what they do best.

The International Olympic Committee has had to do more than ever to keep the public in favor of the Rio games, with multiple news outlets reporting on police strikes, poor water quality and problematic happenings around the city. However, by releasing their own content, the Rio Olympic organizers have helped to curb the negative press and highlight the very best their city has to offer.
While many still wonder if the Rio games have more surprises in store, only one thing is certain. In a little over a week the entire world will be gathered there to see their best compete for gold and the glory that comes with it.


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